Omnichannel Trends: Should You Be Worried About Showrooming or Webrooming?

Omnichannel trends

As consumers started adding to their online shopping baskets, many claimed that this would be the end of the high street. If they could shop from the comfort of their own home, why would they venture out into the high street? Plus, there was also the worry of “showrooming”. Many retailers feared this new shopping … Read more

Expert Opinion: 4 Retailers Explain How to Create the Perfect Omnichannel Experience

Urban Scene – omnichannel retail experts

What’s the future of omnichannel retail? And how can you create a seamless customer experience? These are the pressing concerns of any big-name retailer these days. As online and mobile have become increasingly important channels, retailers have had to quickly adapt to stay ahead. As a result, there’s quite a big gap between those who … Read more

Want to Know the Secret Behind Customer Engagement? It’s All in the Data

Heart-shaped sunset: Customer engagement strategy

Engaging with a customer follows the same basic rules as meeting someone for the first time. You have two choices: you can talk about yourself or you can listen – and it’s amazing how many people and businesses opt for the former. However, if you talk without listening first, it gives the impression that you’re … Read more

The Secret to a Successful Mobile Strategy in the Home & Lifestyle Sector

Using your smartphone at the shopping centre

Making a decision about the furniture and furnishings for your home can be time-consuming, but a successful mobile strategy can make things easier for consumers. First of all, there’s the issue of taste. Personal taste is so hard to define that it’s often difficult for shoppers to discover the products that reflect their style. Plus, … Read more