Five Trends Fashion Retailers Need to Know About to Stay Ahead in 2015

Fashion retail trends 2015

Fashion retail is an ever-changing environment – with consumer shopping trends changing as quickly as fashion trends, there’s a lot for retailers to keep up with. But with consumer confidence growing, there are plenty of opportunities for fashion retailers to expand. The Drapers Retail Market Report 2015, in association with K3 Retail, explores these changes … Read more

Customer Loyalty in the Consumer Electronics Sector: Is it Really Possible?

customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is a hard thing to achieve in any sector – but it’s perhaps the hardest in consumer electronics. Shoppers in this sector switch to find the latest features, the best price and the best overall experience. However, customer loyalty in the electronics sector is possible – you’ve only got to look at Apple … Read more

Will Shoppers Ever Embrace Wearables?

Wearables - The Smart Watch

Wearable technology is a $700 million industry in the form of sports and activity trackers, but will consumers ever make the leap from using wearables for personal fitness tracking to using the technology for shopping? At the moment wearable devices seem a bit too high-tech for the average shopper, but the idea has been around … Read more