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Each and every day retail businesses like you need to process thousands of transactions.

Huge amounts of information that you need to keep gets poured into your databases, meaning retail systems become slower and this can cost you both time and money.

However, K3’s archiving and compression tool can provide a solution as it compresses your data and archives the information you rarely access whilst keeping it available on demand.

Key Benefits of the tool include integration with your Microsoft retail system and automatic data compression and archiving, which makes your retail systems and transactions work more efficiently.

You're in full control of what gets archived, with details stored on a separate database which is accessible using your normal software. Don't worry if you make a mistake either, as it comes with an undo function to un-archive data.

K3’s archiving and compression tool is fast, intelligent and built round your retail business processes and implementing the tool is fast and hassle free. We’ll work closely with you to analyse your requirements, test the software and make sure there is no disruption when it goes live.

To learn more or to request a demonstration, contact us today by phone on 0845 055 6231, or email info@K3retail.com.

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