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Colin Bain Interview

Video: Colin Bain Interview

Interview with K3 MD Colin Bain

K3 Retail elevator pitch and positioning in the market.

K3 Retail is the UK’s number one Microsoft Dynamics partner. K3 is a Retail specialist, delivering multi-channel
solutions that enable retailers to create joined up shopping experiences for their customers whether they choose to
buy in-store, direct, online or through their mobile.

Market: Focusing on Fashion, Home, Specialty and Not for profit areas and Small ERP

2. How do you work with Microsoft?

By enriching the Microsoft Dynamics stack with K3 Retail’s own IP making it the perfect fit for retailers. Built on
years of incremental growth and technological innovation to deliver a superior business management solution that
can streamline retailers business processes and help you adapt to the unique way you do business.

Microsoft Dynamics gives people the information and tools they need to help their business grow and contribute
to their businesses success. Powerful new functionality and technology innovation included individual and
organisational productivity enhancements; improving integration with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft products;
easier customisation; and easier connectivity to other line-of business systems.

ReelContent ¦ South Quay Plaza 2 ¦ 183 Marsh Wall ¦ London ¦ E14 9SH

K3 Retail offer a clearly defined roadmap and proven products backed up by Microsoft’s $2billion investment in the
Dynamics platform, giving you the opportunity to add value to business solutions and help businesses grow

3. Credentials

Highly skilled across in all areas across Microsoft Dynamics
K3 is the only IT software company to have an Investors in People Gold logo
Work closely with Microsoft to develop their roadmap
AMR research
Gold Partner
CRM gold
Gold ERP

Key SEO words:
Multi-channel Retail Systems
Intellectual Property /IP

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