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Employee theft and fraud cost UK retail businesses around £1.7 billion in 2013, more than double that of supplier, warehouse, card and cyber fraud, criminal damage, robbery and burglary combined.

Many retail businesses don’t have adequate systems to detect and drive down employee theft or to collect evidence they would need for prosecution, but that is where K3 Loss Prevention comes in.
The system automatically flags up suspicious retail transactions, with triggers defined by you so that you can isolate specific kinds of theft or fraud. It also automatically gathers CCTV evidence of suspicious transactions, making prosecutions more likely to succeed.

This helps to create a culture of honesty among your employees and, just as importantly, delivers a fast return on your investment, as you'll suffer less shrinkage and enjoy higher profit margins, as well as greater employee accountability.

You can get K3 Loss Prevention integrated into your current K3 retail system within a matter of days and the team will be right beside you to help you choose transaction triggers and set them up for you.

To learn more or to request a demonstration contact us today by phone on 0845 055 6231 or email info@K3retail.com

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