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K3’s Store Portal is an essential tool for retail businesses that want to manage their workforces more effectively and compliantly.

By streamlining communication and workflows, and filtering out information that is not required, your staff can work more efficiently, saving you both time and money.

K3’s Store Portal brings together information from a variety of business critical sources onto a single dashboard. This includes your ERP software and SQL servers, document libraries and Microsoft Exchange or whichever other email systems you use.

The Store Portal can be configured so that every single employee has the access and permissions they need, making their work faster, more accurate and more efficient.

Other key benefits include allowing task assignment and management; providing stock information and even providing back office functions – such as end-of-the-day cash reports –which are all easily accessible via a normal web browser.

Even mobile staff and area managers can be personally integrated into the system via the My Portal section, allowing them to view and update tasks, see store updates and notifications, reset passwords and much more.

K3’s Store Portal can be implemented to reflect your required needs and processes, it's fully tested before deployment and we’ll be here every step of the way to guide you through the simple process.

To learn more or to request a demonstration, contact us today on 0845 055 6231 or by emailing info@k3retail.com.

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