The K3 Retail Academy: putting the intelligence into an intelligent retail technology company

The K3 Retail Academy: putting the intelligence into an intelligent retail technology company

​Seven months into an intensive training programme designed to bring them up to speed in retail technology, we catch up with the six members of the K3 Retail Academy.

The premise behind the Academy is simple enough. K3 Retail are what they describe as “an intelligent technology company, where people come first”. The Academy provides an in-depth training programme for graduates with an aptitude or experience in retail or technology. It’s an elegant way of ensuring the company supports its business growth by developing its in-house pool of talented people.

It’s all very well pushing the intelligent theme, but the Academy students are hardly brain surgeons are they? Well, er, yes now you mention it. Mina Saud has a first class degree in Medical Neuroscience and a passion for tech. She said: “The K3 Retail Academy is a programme designed to introduce fresh talent into the world of Microsoft Dynamics AX and ultimately into knowledgeable consultants.”

Following a period of induction, exams and rigorous training in everything from the detailed workings of Microsoft Dynamics to accounting and even the way a warehouse works.  The ‘Academites’ are now working on live projects to give them work experience.

This has included spending time working directly with clients, sometimes at their own offices, focusing on areas including training workshops and scoping sessions.

Russell Dorset, K3 Retail Group Managing Director, said:  “I have been delighted with the way that the six members of our Academy have immersed themselves into our K3 Retail approach. They have presented impeccable professionalism, fitting seamlessly into work with existing K3 Retail people, whilst also building a strong team ethic. It’s good to see how they have worked as both a unit and as individuals.”

“As they embark on placements in the different areas of K3 Retail, from finance to marketing and customer support, they are now experiencing life at the sharp end. They’re learning first-hand how we operate and how getting to know and understand our customers is the most important thing we do in every department. This experience will give them the opportunity to make informed decisions about where they would like to specialise in the future. I am sure they will go on to develop long and successful careers at K3 Retail after their graduation in June, which will include a real sense of celebration at our annual K3 Summer Ball.”

About K3 Retail Academy

The nine-month K3 Retail Academy programme provides six trainees with experience of every part of the business through structured placements, supported by buddies and an ongoing review process guided by mentors. In addition to on-the-job training, the programme consists of a blend of interactive and self-directed learning, with external certifications.

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