The evolution of ecommerce

The evolution of ecommerce

The internet is becoming an integral part of retail and fashion in general, not just buying it online

K3 Retail, the UK’s No 1 Microsoft Dynamics partner is pleased to be involved in the second Drapers Etail report into consumers’ attitudes to buying fashion online, providing readers with some additional insight to help shape their ecommerce strategy.

The report shows just how integral the internet is becoming to buying fashion in general, not just buying it online. This is a point that retailers from the smallest independents through to the largest high street chains should take note of. Whether your customers buy on your website, or come to your stores, often they use the internet at some point in the decision-making and purchasing process. Only 22% of men and 13% of women never browse fashion sites before a visit to store. Looking for specific items and price checking are the key reasons for looking at websites, whether purchases are online or offline. 25% already use the sites to check what stock will be in stores, showing how sites can also drive footfall. Some 27% use retailers’ sites to see what’s new in, 23% for trend ideas and inspiration, and 19% read reviews of clothes.

Tony Bryant Head of Business Development, K3 Retail, said, “Today’s consumers are presented with – and welcome – a growing number of channels through which they can buy from their retailer of preference. Their ever more diverse shopping journey may take them to the store, website, mobile, catalogue, or increasingly, any combination of these choices, in whatever sequence suits their personal circumstances or inclination. Increasingly, consumers expect to be able to browse through one channel, then choose, purchase, collect or even return goods via another. In other words, they want to ‘channel-hop’.”
Bryant continued, “What we are seeing today is only the beginning. Soon it will be hard to even define ecommerce, let alone measure it. Improved search tools, access to user reviews, instant price comparisons, active social networks and more, are fundamentally changing shopping. Computers, smartphones and tablets provide access to endless sources of information that help consumers decide what to buy and where to buy it. The fashion sector has and will continue to influence retail’s multichannel strategy with many examples of great innovation. This Etail Report highlights, with some fascinating facts, the changing consumer journey and K3 Retail is delighted to be associated with its publication and its related feedback.”

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