Become a dynamic retailer with K3 Retail and Microsoft Dynamics AX
Become a dynamic retailer with K3 Retail and Microsoft Dynamics AX

Today’s retail landscape offers unprecedented opportunity even as it presents new challenges. Economic pressures, increasing choice in products and shopping formats, and unparalleled access to information are fuelling today’s empowered shoppers, who expect more from their retail experiences.

As the line between social networking and commerce blurs, delivering on the brand promise and earning consumer loyalty are more important than ever before. One thing is clear: a new retail reality has emerged.

A powerful solution to enable faster, better decision-making

Microsoft Dynamics AX empowers retailers by providing a fully integrated retail solution from point-of-sale, store management, and merchandising through to supply chain, warehousing and financials.

Unlike retail software built to solve the problems of the past, Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail delivers powerful, role-tailored, cross-channel scenarios seamlessly through a modern, unified technology offering. This reduces complexity for retailers, allowing them to focus on what matters most: empowering their employees to drive productivity and deliver the personalised customer service that builds brand loyalty and differentiates in today’s marketplace.

Flexible, agile and intuitive to use

As the foundation on which retailers enable their business, technology becomes more critical than ever, expanding or limiting the ability to seize new opportunities and deliver the shopping experiences that consumers demand. Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail is designed for the critical scenarios that drive retailing today, while enabling the innovative scenarios of tomorrow.

Connecting to customers, empowering people, and delivering on the brand promise through excellence in execution—Microsoft Dynamics is all about helping retailers to become dynamic.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail equips the Dynamic Retailer to drive retail across channels, locally or globally, with technology and features that are powerful, agile, and simple: point-of-sale, multichannel management, store operations, merchandising, supply chain, and more, integrated into one solution.

Why choose K3 Retail for Dynamics AX

As the UK's leading Microsoft Dynamics partner, K3 Retail specialise in delivering multi-channel solutions that enable retailers to create joined up shopping experiences for their customers whether they choose to buy on-line, direct, in-store or mobile.

Over 20 years’ experience delivering award winning solutions, to more than 200 internationally recognised retail brands, has helped our experienced team of retail consultants develop the most complete range of multi-channel retail solutions available to Microsoft Dynamics users.

Dilip Popat, Microsoft Dynamics Global Industry Director for Retail says, “ We work closely with K3 as they bring deep domain experience and retail industry expertise. They know what the local market is looking for and so the company is one of our early adopters and sits on our Retail Advisory Council”.

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