The multichanneland e-Commerce Top 100 Movers & Shakers 2013


Welcome to the latest annual ‘Top 100 Movers & Shakers in Multi-Channel and e-Commerce’ for 2013 that maintains its core aim of celebrating the achievements of the most influential people in this exciting part of the retail market and to also bring greater attention to the potential stars of the future.

What has remained constant through this report and its predecessors is the great fluidity in the industry. There continues to be significant movement of people within the
e-Commerce and Multi-Channel areas.

"While some legacy elements of the retail sector are having a tough time it is the digital component that represents the industry’s potentially bright future"
Glynn Davis


For 2013 I am delighted that the advisory board has carefully considered not only retailers but service providers, consultants, recruitment specialists and investors. This edition again shows the diversity of individuals and their roles and the significant contribution they make to retailing in the UK and globally.

Whatever we call it - Multi-Channel, Cross-Channel, Omni-Channel, the people behind retail channel management are doing some great things to keep up and also influence the Anytime, Anywhere, Anyproduct consumer.

"In today’s retail environment the consumer is influencing the change but some retailers and supporting individuals are ahead of the curve"
Tony Bryant
Head of Business Development
K3 Retail

The Result

The Result

K3 Retail and the Retailinsider placed Burberry's Mark Hopwood, Director of IT Business Relationships & Digital Commerce, and Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative Officer, at number 1 in the 2013 ‘Movers & Shakers in Multi-Channel & eCommerce’ report, which was released at the Retail Systems Multichannel Conference 2013 on the 23rd September

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