Business Intelligence
"Our strategic decision-making has improved hugely, since it takes so much less time to make decisions"
Barbara Mackie
IT Manager, Dobbies

Business Intelligence is about answering questions to successfully understand and run retail operations.

K3 BI utilises the Microsoft Dynamics Stack to deliver business intelligence solutions that integrate with any end user tools, to get maximum value and fully leverage business benefits.

Successful BI

The key to K3 developing successful BI solutions is:

  • An extensive understanding of Retail
  • Highly experienced BI experts
  • An in depth consultative approach

K3 work alongside retailers to develop BI solutions that are accessible, easy to manage and tailored to specific business needs. With over 40 retail customers, K3 BI solutions have a strong reference ability.

Business Intelligence vs Management Information

A high volume of information does not always offer the insight that managers need. Real business intelligence is having concise, accurate and focused information to support sound decision making.

Management Information: Dry, boring, high volume data produced on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly)

Business Intelligence: Dashboards, instant, real time, dealing with the unknown, ad hoc

Why choose K3 to deliver this solution?

  • Business ownership of data and analytics, with tools that empower users
  • Quick turnaround times for answering key questions
  • A platform that will evolve with business to give investment longevity

To discuss how our solutions can transform your business: