Giving customers an enterprise ready platform that includes high availability capabilities, a generational leap in performance with in-memory technologies, and integrated BI capabilities exposed through familiar Office tools like Excel and SharePoint.

With SQL Server 2012, you get a mission critical data warehouse platform that scales beyond 600 terabytes at the fraction of the cost to acquire, operate and maintain other services to support this.

K3’s approach to building a Data Warehouse provides the following key benefits;

  • A centralised database, providing data across the BI Stack
  • A simplified Data Structure, making data accessible for business users.
  • A Managed Platform, providing simply GUI tools for enhancing your Data Warehouse.

Getting a Data Warehouse online and operating is just the first step in the process; you will need platforms and tools that enable you to evolve your Data Warehouse; and K3 provides this with a combination of SQL Server, their own Tools and Consulting expertise.

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