K3 provide a full range of analytical and reporting tools, supported by SQL Server 2012.

From highly interactive and explorative self-service reporting for end users, to powerful operational report authoring and rendering environments for IT professionals and developers.

K3 can provide the right balance of tools to suit your needs. No enterprise is the same; when it comes to its people and their demands for Data; therefore K3 ensure the right tools are put in place with the following approach;

An assessment of needs, based on what will add value to an organisation. Putting the right tools in the right hands.

Leveraging our strong consulting practice; bringing experience, retail knowledge and technical knowledge together; whilst communicating this effectively.

Ensuring the right training is in place to ensure you get the most from your reporting and analytical tools.

K3 have a broad knowledge of many 3rd party analytical tools as well as those that are central to the MS SQL server stack; this demonstrates our broader knowledge of BI,and enables us to deliver solutions that deal with all reporting and analytical needs, from simple crosstabs to complex mining models.

Reporting capabilities can also be extended with SQL Azure reporting, allowing businesses to take advantage of the accessibility and elasticity of the cloud.

To discuss how our solutions can transform your business: