K3 retail CRM gives the retailer the ability to get to know their customers. Knowing your customers allows you to target them according to their preferences and purchasing habits.

K3 retail CRM also gives you the ability to provide exceptional customer service, meeting the demands of todays retailer.

K3 can help you identify the customers you want to target and streamline your costly marketing activities. By only targeting those customers that show interest or have purchased that product before you increase the chances of more sales at the same time as reducing your costs.

Customer and sales information is collected from all channels which gives you the opportunity of driving customers to channels they may not usually purchase and increase sales penetration in particular channels.

K3 retail CRM can manage your loyalty scheme by awarding loyalty points based on your defined criteria and gives you the ability to manage points promotions by product groups, points per £ and extra points for certain stores.

Customer service can be managed through your CRM system which along with the sales information builds up a profile of your customer base. By recording all customer service incidents you can also profile your business by identifying the areas that customers are calling about and therefore may need improving.

In short a K3 retail CRM solution will give you a deeper understanding of your customers and will build your relationship with them and in turn helping to drive up loyalty and sales.

Why choose K3 to deliver this solution?

  • Build up a 360° view of your customers, allowing the retailer to view the customer relationship grow
  • Identify the way in which your customer shops with you. Customers shopping habits are changing. You need to be able to react to those changes and align your marketing with those habits.
  • Helping you drive sales by identifying how and what to market to each customer
  • Helping your business cut costs in a time when making the most of every £ spent is more important than ever
  • Helping to satisfy the service needs of your customers. By doing this you increase the chance of customers purchasing again and again. Keeping a customer is much cheaper than acquiring a new one!

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