K3 can maximise your sales opportunities with improved buying and merchandising. The key to retail success is the ability to move stock around your business with minimum of effort, putting products in front of your customers when they wish to buy them.

The K3 suite of sophisticated replenishment and allocation tools give you full control over your merchandise flow. Once products are purchased, stock can be made available to store or channel quickly, and in the correct quantities, to ensure maximum availability.

Automated routines make suggestions on the amounts to be replenished reducing time spent in calculating the stock quantities required, streamlining the merchandising process.

Why choose K3 to deliver this solution?

  • Improving your sell-through rates by maximising your in-store availability and reducing stock-outs
  • Decreasing your terminal stock levels and overall stock commitment
  • Prompting correct ordering decisions in a timely manner
  • Reducing overheads for manual labour by providing mass update controls
  • Improving business information and reporting through established hierarchies
  • Product master and replenishment parameter information is easily maintained to control products
  • Easy setting of replenishment parameters by rules that limits time spent in menial data entry tasks
  • Correct merchandise hierarchy settings allow for in-depth analysis and reporting on sales, margin and stocks at any level

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