Fully Hosted
"More than just a cost benefit, it gives us total uptime; our data is looked after by experts off site."
Lee Mowle, Managing Director,
The Stewart Company

K3 Managed Services specialise in the delivery of hosted services from our four data centres in the UK.

Architected around K3 products, K3 fully hosted services are a unique and robust architecture to ensure that the risk, pain and cost associated with supporting a software solution is reduced and streamlined.

Our fully hosted service is delivered for a monthly charge per user and includes all of the elements required to ensure uptime.


  • The fully hosted service includes:
  • All required hardware including future upgrades
  • Microsoft Windows, SQL, CALs – including future upgrades
  • Disaster Recovery mirrored system across 2 data centres to achieve 99.99% uptime
  • 24/7 support and management – staff/labour costs
  • Upgrade costs
  • Power
  • Cooling

K3 CloudNet

K3 CloudNet currently provides cloud delivery services for over 4000 users in 40 separate countries, covering manufacturing, distribution and retail businesses.
CloudNet computing services meet strict International Security Standards – ISO 27001 – which assures customers that data is safe and secure and remains accessible at all times.

Why choose K3 to deliver this solution?

  • Scalability
  • Uptime Guarantee (Business Continuity as standard)business continuity built in)
  • OpEx not CapEx
  • Known predictable IT costs
  • Single K3 Support Solution
  • You can focus on your business systems and processes

To discuss how our solutions can transform your business: