Your business may have started small, but hard work and dedication grew it to where it is today. If existing systems are impacting your growth potential, now's the time to take the next steps.

A business solution from K3 Retail based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV uniquely brings together business applications, data, documents, and devices, with your people at the centre, helping them make the most of their time. From server to cloud—desktop to mobile—get one familiar user experience to automate your business, help increase sales, enhance collaboration, and amaze your customers.


Make every day a great day for growth

It’s a great feeling to lead a business to profitable growth. But with success comes an expanding workload as you win more customers, take on staff and scale up production. If you’re at this stage and need help to overcome your growing pains, choose K3 Retail and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Enable your growing business to manage every project and transaction effectively. Dynamics NAV provides a single intuitive platform that puts you firmly in control of your supply chain, operations and financials.

Dynamics NAV is Microsoft’s ERP system for growing businesses. But what is ERP and how can it help your business?

Enterprise resource planning - often called ERP, ERP system, or ERP software - can be defined as a system that helps organizations manage their financials, supply chain, operations, reporting, and human resources by improving and automating core functions. With the right ERP software, all your business processes come together to provide easy collaboration and rapid decision-making which enhances overall business productivity.

Dynamics NAV goes beyond traditional ERP systems by bringing the applications that run your finances, sales, and operations together with the familiar Microsoft Office applications you already know. Combined with the power of the cloud you can work anywhere, anytime and across all of your devices. No matter how you access Dynamics NAV, you will receive the same seamless experience and enterprise-grade security to protect your business and customers.

It’s time to connect and grow

Many small and mid-sized retailers reach a tipping point where the very tools that supported their business growth begin to hinder their ability to act with agility and insight.

With K3 Retail and NAV in the Cloud you can connect your people, processes, and systems - enabling you to focus on making the decisions that keep your business going and growing. It's quick to implement and easy to use, with the power to support your growth ambition, providing you with a full end to end solution.

  • Everything in one place - bring your email, calendar, and files together with your data, reports, and business management software
  • Work together - Share the big picture, and get one-click access to the details
  • Work anywhere - Stay productive with secure anytime, virtually anywhere access
  • Simplify your day - with one password and one user experience
  • Connecting your customer experience - Integrates to existing e-commerce platforms
  • Peace and mind to run your business - combines Head office, Store Back office, Store Front & POS, O365 and BI & Reporting
What growing companies do differently

Microsoft surveyed over 200 smaller businesses to create a whitepaper – Driving Growth Through Customer Engagement – to see how they engage (or don’t engage) with their customers.  Download the whitepaper report from our downloads and take a look to see how your customer engagement measures up to your business peers.

How much does it cost?

K3 Retail and NAV in the Cloud can cost as little as a cup of takeaway coffee per user, per day. We recognise that every business is different and our retail specialist will work with you to determine the right solution for your business needs.

Dive into the capabilities

Familiar, powerful and trusted—K3 Retail have built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Office 365 to deliver everything a growing retailer needs to manage their business and help your people achieve more. If you're ready to take the next step contact us today to see how we can help your business continue to grow. 

Why choose K3 to deliver this solution?

  • Financial management & accounting Manage your cash, assets, and banking.
  • Supply chain & logistics Track and manage your production, inventory, orders, and vendors, multiple locations, picking & shipping
  • Buying & Merchandising Product Information management, allocation & ranging
  • Marketing, sales, & service Manage your campaigns, sales opportunities, contacts, and service contracts.
  • Purchasing Full supplier & contact management, order processing and inventory & costing
  • System Administration User roles & permissions, data connectivity, document management.
  • Business intelligence & reporting Get real-time visibility and analytics to track performance and to act with insight
  • Retail Admin Pos Management and EOD Statement processing
  • Stock Management Retail receiving & picking, mobile inventory management
  • Store Front POS, Pay & Take and EFT
  • Multi-currency Compete globally with multi-currency and language capabilities.

To discuss how our solutions can transform your business: