REALIZe is an integrated ecommerce solution built on the framework of data provided within Microsoft Dynamics.

Future proof your site against the growing importance of mobile and promote positive, consistent experiences across devices to create multi-channel success.

REALIZe allows ecommerce sites to be managed from Microsoft Dynamics with minimal web development resources. This means new sales prices can be deployed, quickly and cost effectively, as soon as they are defined. The solution dynamically publishes any changes made in Microsoft Dynamics to the website instantly – no manual synchronisation is needed.


Key considerations:

Persistent basket:
Provide your customers with a basket that persists across all sessions and devices as standard. Offer a fully connected experience for the real world.

Responsive design:
Your customers and the way they access your website are all unique. Celebrate difference with a responsive site, designed to work for everyone and all of their devices.

Intelligent Search:
Help your customers find what they want quickly and easily with intelligent search of product properties and covers facets, contextual search, miss-spellings and partial matches.

Integrate pricing and promotions across all of your channels and touch points for customer-centred consistency and the broadest penetration reach.

Why choose K3 to deliver this solution?

  • Benefit from our combined retail and technical expertise and experience
  • Enjoy rapid and reliable eCommerce transactions
  • Manage your entire retail business on one platform with ease
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve your customers’ online experience
  • Exploit shared data to drive your eCommerce site, mobile applications, kiosks and CRM activity
  • Benefit from a made-to-measure solution that is flexible and scalable, with full integration into Microsoft Dynamics
  • Think global, act global with multi-lingual support
  • Look both ways with fully supported B2C and B2B trading
  • Extend your brand (and sub-brand) presence with multiple websites within the same platform

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