Customer Support

K3 provides a dedicated helpdesk function for all day-to-day system queries and problems. View our K3 Dynamics Customer Service Guide

The K3 helpdesk is manned Monday to Friday during normal office hours by a department of more than 20 consultant developers. With our triage process we endeavour to resolve your call on first contact, though the helpdesk also provides a central point for call escalation, if necessary.

Support Desk Hours
A standard contract provides you with helpdesk cover between 09:00hrs – 17:30hrs (GMT), Monday to Friday. Additional support outside of these hours, for example to cover shift workers or ad-hoc support during a stock take or at year end, is available on request.

Why choose K3 to deliver this solution?

  • Increased business agility, adapt to market changes quickly and remain competitive with flexible and saleable support services
  • Reduced business risk. SLA's are put in place and systems are proactively managed to identify and address potential problems before they occur
  • Focus on your core skills freeing up your in-house IT team from the burden of day-to-day systems management, leaving them to focus on leading strategic projects

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